Brokerage Events Horizont 2020

Brokerage events (also synonymous: matching events / partnering events) are events in which the search for project partners from industry or universities for a consortium is in the foreground. Brokerage events are usually organized sector-specific, topic-specific or call-specific and coupled with conferences or information events. Organizers are the EU Commission itself or interest groups in Brussels, such as ERRIN (the European Regions Research and Innovation Network). A common format is that calls for tenders are explained by an EU Commission employee and then initial consortia that are still looking for partners / specific expertise are presented.

In the context of brokerage events, it is therefore possible to make contacts across Europe and to make clear your own expertise and interest in EU research (introduction). However, it is especially important to either present your own project outline as a coordinator and to acquire suitable partners or to offer yourself as a partner.

If you would like further information about the events, please contact the contact persons of the respective universities.

The following brokerage events are currently available:

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