EIC und FET Infoday

Field: EIC and FET
Date: 2 April 2019
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Organizer: "European Innovation Council" (EIC) "Pathfinder" and "Future and Emerging Technologies" (FET)

The "European Innovation Council" (EIC) "Pathfinder" and the programme "Future and Emerging Technologies" (FET) are organizing an information day on2 April 2019 in Brussels with:

- Presentation of the topics "EIC Pathfinder", "FET Open" and "FET Proactive"
- Information on the preparation and filing of an application for "FET Open" and "FET Proactive", the evaluation process and the relevant evaluation criteria
- Possibility for a very short presentation of potential applicants (maximum 5 minutes, 1-3 slides) to a novel idea for an application with the aim to identify potential partners.

Event: here /  Registration: here

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