Food 2030

Bereich: Gesundheit/Ernährung
Datum: 13.-15.06.2018
Ort: Plovdiv (Bulgarien)
Veranstalter: EU-Kommision

This one conference will serve to disseminate successful European Research and Innovation (R&I) initiatives and contribute to the ongoing science-policy dialogue in the area of Food Nutrition and Security.

„The event will be dedicated to research and innovation (R&I) as a driver of food systems transformation; such that our food systems become sustainable, resilient, inclusive, responsible, resilient, diverse and competitive. The session’s speakers will demonstrate the status quo of Food research and innovation policy and its vision of shaping tomorrow's food and nutrition systems. The event will provide a dialogue platform and recommendations for (a) researchers and educators, (b) policy makers and R&I funders, (c) the private sector, (d) civil society, and an open exhibition on the "Food R&I Domain".”

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