Strategies of Open Access publication

Golden way: First publication in an OA journal (also possible in OA monographs or in anthologies published by OA). These publications are immediately available online via free access to the journal or other publication. OA journals are often financed by institutional memberships (e.g. professional societies) in combination with Article Processing Charges (APC), which are usually borne by the author.

Green way, or self-archiving: Publications already published in "Closed Access" or manuscripts that have been reviewed are additionally published by the authors themselves on OA document servers, so-called repositories. This can be done simultaneously with or subsequently to publication in "Closed Access" form and as pre- or postprint. Making OA accessible in the green way is often delayed by an "embargo period". It is contractually determined by the publishers who have first published. The platform SHERPA/ROMeO provides an overview of what publishers allow authors to do.

The hybrid model represents a middle course between closed and open access. Here, individual articles from "Closed Access" journals are optionally placed in OA by the journal for a fee paid by the author (APC). Hybrid journals are financed by subscriptions to the "Closed Access" edition and the APCs of the authors of the OA articles ("double dipping"). If possible, this form of publication should be avoided.

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