Incoming Researcher

First Steps as Incoming Researcher in Marie S.-Curie Projects:

  1. Employment Contract: Needs to be originally signed on your first working day.
  2. Tenancy Agreement - proof of a permanent domicile in Magdeburg and Form "Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung"  

    With the documents: ID Passport, master degree certificate, employment contract and tenancy agreement you can apply for Bank Account and Health Insurance
  3. Health Insurance (only if the European insurance is not eligible at OVGU): e.g. AOK: online form electronically:
  4. Bank Account (only if the Bank Account is not eligible at OVGU): please check online for no-fee accounts (Girokonto and credit cards, which is necessary for business travelling)
  5. Bürgerbüro (Citizens Office): Please make an appointment online:|698.8584.1&La=1  (1 biometr. Photo)   
    for EU-Citizens: registration of living place in Magdeburg, form:
    for Non-EU-Citizens: permanent stay status:|37.3320.1&La=1
    for all: "Führungszeugnis" because OVGU is a public authority and needs that of employees

Further Services:

  • Bluecards (currently only for MSCA IF possible because of the regulation: The annual gross salary is at least € 50.8000, i.e. € 4.234 (gross) per month).


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