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Workshop Series: The ABC of EU Research Funding

With more than 70 billion Euro, the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 is the largest research funding program in the world. With this series of workshops, knowledge and competences for Horizon 2020 will be taught. From "A" for "Application" to C for "Coaching", EU speakers and project managers from the EU University Network share their experience from more than 100 applications and more than 50 EU projects. The aim of the series of workshops is to improve opportunities for scholars to receive EU funding.

The workshop series will take place in June/July 2019. The Agenda ca be downloaded here.

Review: "EU Funding Opportunities for Cooperations between Science and Industry"

The EU University Network Saxony-Anhalt and the Enterprise Europe Network Saxony-Anhalt invited interested scholars and enterpreneurs to an information event titled "EU funding opportunities for cooperation between science and industry".

The event took place for the first time on 20 September 2018 at Biozentrum Halle (Saale). On 18 October, it was again carried out in an almost identical format in the premises of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Magdeburg.

Well over 30 participants from universities and research institutes, from companies, but also representatives of Länder authorities and ministries took the opportunity to learn more about how research and innovation cooperation can be financially supported and used the opportunity to network.

The events focused on funding programs of the European Union. Alexandra Pohl, a member of the National Contact Point for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (NCP SMEs) and the National Contact Point for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (NCP MSC) presented funding opportunities offered by the European Innovation Council (EIC), which brings together innovation promotion instruments of the European Union. She also gave an overview of Marie Curie Actions, which are specifically designed to train and attract highly qualified international R&D professionals.

Another focal point was the federal funding program for cooperation between science and industry. This were expertly presented by Moritz Bradler (Service Center "Ideas-Protection-Application" of Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg) and Anja Ruhland (Funding Advice "Research and Innovation").

The overview of the funding opportunities was rounded off with a contribution by Doris Knöfel (Investitionsbank Saxony-Anhalt), who informed the audience about the research and innovation promotion portfolio of the Land Saxony-Anhalt.

Due to the positive response, the organizers - the EU University Network Saxony Anhalt and the Enterprise Europe Network Saxony-Anhalt - plan to organize this and similar information events on a regular basis in the future.

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