ERA-NETs: European Research Areas Networks

ERA-NETs are instruments for the coordination of research activities. The aim of ERA-NETs is to improve cooperation between programme promoters and to coordinate research activities carried out in the European Member States and Associated States at national and regional level. Instruments for this are the networking of funding activities, mutual opening, as well as the development and implementation of joint calls for proposals and programmes. International ERA-NETS implement this in relation to cooperation with a specific partner country or region outside Europe.

As a rule, the following points are included in the application:

  • Alliances must consist of at least 3 partners from 3 countries active in the ERA-Net.
  • Joint applications are submitted by a coordinator at European central level.
  • If the application is evaluated positively, each individual partner receives funding from the respective national funding agency for its own part of the project within the cooperation.

A list of current ERA-NET calls in which Germany is involved can be found here. Filter by Germany and active networks.

The ERA-NET portal ERA-LEARN 2020 can be found here.

Information on other forms of partnership: here.

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