Proposal Evaluation

Support the EU Commission as an expert evaluator to assist with the implementation, evaluation and monitoring of Horizon 2020 and other funding programmes!


1) In Horizon 2020:

"To once experience to be in the role of an expert evaluator proves to be of immense value and to be enormousely instructive for future applications." (Source: BMBF - German Federal Ministry of Education and Research)


"Working as an Expert" - Participant Portal H2020 Manual

Experts Roles and Tasks

Information BMBF

Annual Lists of Expert Names (H2020)


2) In Projects with International Cooperations

The EVAL-INCO 2.0 database serves as platform for the call management of transnational projects. You may register as expert in the EVAL-INCO 2.0 database to support the evaluation of project outlines in transnational and national calls (e.g. ERA-NETs, BILAT and INCO-NETs). The outcomes of the evaluations serve as starting point of funding decisions.

More information and registration here


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