Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Spin-orbit materials, emergent phenomena and related technology training (SPEAR)
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Mertig; (Mittelgeber: EU - HORIZONT 2020)

[THREAD] Joint Training on Numerical Modelling of Highly Flexible Structures for Industrial Applications
Prof. Dr. Martin Arnold; (Mittelgeber: EU - HORIZONT 2020)

BAT4ever - Autonomous Polymer based Self-Healing Components for high performant Li-Ion Batteries
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Binder; (Mittelgeber: EU - ERC HORIZONT 2020)

BovReg - Identification of functionally active genomic features relevant to phenotypic diversity and plasticity in cattle
Prof. Dr. Marion Schmicke; (Mittelgeber: EU - HORIZONT 2020)

RENATUR - Improving regional policies to better protect the natural heritage of peri-urban open spaces
Prof. Dr. habil. Christine Fürst; (Mittelgeber: EU - INTERREG)

BARISTA - Advanced tools for breeding Barley for Intensive and Sustainable Agriculture under climate change scenarios.
Prof. Dr. Klaus Pillen; (Mittelgeber: EU - HORIZONT 2020)

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