The EUREKA network is a European initiative to initiate and implement application-oriented, cross-border research and development projects for civil purposes.

The goals are:

  • Promote European competitiveness in world markets
  • Networking the potential in Europe of specialists, know-how, facilities and financial resources
  • Develop European infrastructures and standards
  • Create access to new markets
  • Strengths of the European single market.

There are no thematic requirements within the framework of EUREKA, the project participants independently decide on their project content and the type and duration of their cooperation. Companies, research institutions and other institutions under private or public law are eligible to apply. The participants have a contact person in the respective country, the National Project Coordinator (NPC), who is available to advise them. EUREKA is not a centrally organized funding program. Funding is the responsibility of the participants at national level - through public or private funding or own funds.

You can find more information on the portals:

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