Incoming Researchers

First Steps for Incoming Researchers in Marie Sklodowska-Curie Projects:

 Employment contract (Arbeitsvertrag): Please sign the original document on your first day of work latest (please go to the Human Resource Departement (K2) to sign the original document).

  1. Tenancy agreement ("Mietvertrag" - proof of a permanent domicile in Magdeburg) and form "Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung"
  2. Health Insurance (only if the European insurance is not eligible at OVGU). You can search for your preferred insurance online.
  3. Bank Account (only if the Bank Account is not eligible at OVGU): please check online for no-fee accounts (Girokonto and credit cards, which is necessary for business travelling)
  4. Bürgerbüro (Citizens Office) (non-EU citizens also Foreigners Office  Ausländerbehörde):

for EU-citizens: Registration of the adress at citizens office. You can make an appointments online

for non-EU residents additionally: Residence permit status at Ausländerbehörde


The Following Service and Support Facilities Are at Your Disposal:

- International Office ("Akademisches Auslandsamt"): Service for international scholars and doctoral students

- Department of Student Affairs ("Dezernat Studienangelegenheiten") for the admission of doctoral students

- Graduate School: The Otto von Guericke Graduate School (OVG-GS) is a contact point and service facility for all doctoral students and their supervisors at OVGU.  OVG-GS regularly offers tailor-made courses in various disciplines and soft skills

- IKUS is an intercultural student organization that brings together international and German students

- MIPS: Helps to build and improve contact between international PhD students

- Language Center: Offers language courses

-Bluecards: Information on the Bluecard (residence permit for the purpose of taking up employment in an EU country) can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.


Last Modification: 06.08.2021 - Contact Person: Niko Isermann