Project Management

Project Management Tasks that We Can Take on for You:


Project Management Tasks


- We negotiate budgets during application phase and in contract negotiations.
- We negotiate regulations in the Consortium Agreement.



- We coordinate administrative activities.
- We take care of the compliance with deadlines and Progress Reviews.
- We stay in touch with other adminstrative units and with project partners.
- We coordinate the management of the consortium.



- We serve as contact point for project partners, coordinator and academic colleagues.
- We are in Touch with EU and National Contact Points.
- We create posts for project websites and other communication channels.



- We write contributions to Periodic Reports (administrative aspects).
. We ensure punctual delivery.
- We coordinate the exchange with project partners.


Financial Issues

- We calculate the budget(s) (for the whole consortium as well as internally.
- We take care of cost control.
- We distribute the funds and organize financial settlement.
- we provide support in preparing the financial statement and obtaining the audit certificate.
- We create, run and collect timesheets.


Contract Management

- We make sure the form A (accession to the contract) is punctually submitted.
- We correspond with the Legal Department and the Coordinator.


Project Meetings and Conferences

- We organize and/or actively participate in project meetings and conferences.

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