Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg


Short Name: OVGU

PIC: 999873285

Uniform identification via the PIC - Participant Identification Code.

You find the institutions' PICs on the EU Participant Portal where you may also search for other participants and potential partners : Participant Register

--> From October 2018, the Particiant Portal will gradually be replaced by the Funding & Tenders Portal.


Reimbursable Indirect Costs:

In Horitzon 2020, the indirect costs for all participants will be reimbursed by a flat rate of 25%. The lump sum will be paid on all direct costs, with the exception of subcontracting expenses and third party resources not used on the participant's premises.

For projects with general flat rates there are also flat rates for indirect costs.

There is no longer an option to deduct the actual indirect costs.


Reimbursable Direct Costs:

For the determination of equipment costs, the normative service lives of equipment should be determined in accordance with the university administration's cirular B ("B-Rundschreiben") regarding depreciation, article 7.5. More about depreciation ...

A certification at the end of periods is only necessary from a cumulative funding amount of direct costs that exceeds 325,000 Euros. For projects at Otto von Guericke University, the certification is carried out by an external service provider. Costs associated with an audit are reimbursed at a rate of 100% of as Other Direct Costs (B) for higher education institutions.


Signing of the Contract:

Proposals are submitted into the Participant Portal electronically without the applicant's physical signature.

Contracts (Grant Agreements / Consortium Agreements) are electronically signed by the Chancellor. The European Commission requires that participating institution join the contract. The signing of the contract by the Chancellor or his representatives is legally binding. At OVGU, the Department of Finance is generally entrusted with obtaining this signature. At the Medical Faculty, the Department of Research is responsible for obtaining the signature

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