Incoming Researchers

First Steps for Incoming Researchers in Marie Sklodowska-Curie Projects:


- Employment Contract ("Arbeitsvertrag"): Please sign your original employment contract  in the university's Human Resource Department (Department K2) on your first day of work.

- Obtain a Tenancy Agreement ("Mietvertrag") and fill in the form "Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung" (at "Bürgerbüro"/ Citizens Advice Bureau) to prove your permanent residence in Magdeburg.

Citizens Advice Bureau ("Bürgerbüro"): Please schedule an appointment online ahead of time.
You need to aply for a Certificate of Good Conduct ("Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis") in case you have not applied for and received one in your home country.
Please bring a biometric photograph for your appointment.
For EU-citizens: You need to register your name and place of residence at the Citizens Advice Bureau.
For Non-EU-citizens: You additionally need to declare your residence status ("Aufenthaltsstatus") at the Foreigners' Registration Office ("Ausländerbehörde").


- Health Insurance Membership: You need to apply for membership in a German statutory heath insurance if your own insurance is not accepted at Otto von Guericke University (OVGU).
You might apply for membership with AOK (biggest statutory health insurance): online form


- Bank Account:  If necessary, you have to apply for a German bank account. We recommend looking online for free-of-charge giro accounts that come with a credit card (necessary for travels abroad).
In order to apply for a Bank Account and for membership in a German health insurance, you need the following documents:
- ID (Passport)
- Graduation certificates (M.A.; PhD)
- Employment Contract
- Tenancy Agreement


- Bluecards (available only for  MSCA IF - The annual gross salary must be at least € 50.8000, i.e. € 4,234 (gross) per month).



The Following Service and Support Facilities Are at Your Disposal:

- International Office ("Akademisches Auslandsamt"): Service for international scholars and doctoral students

- Department of Student Affairs ("Dezernat Studienangelegenheiten") for the admission of doctoral students

- Graduate School: The Otto von Guericke Graduate School (OVG-GS) is a contact point and service facility for all doctoral students and their supervisors at OVGU.  OVG-GS regularly offers tailor-made courses in the various disciplines and soft skills

- IKUS IKUS is an intercultural student organization that brings together international and German students

- MIPS: Helps to build and improve contact between international PhD students

- Language Center: Offers language courses


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