The European Commission has published the work program for the new EU4 Health Programme for 2021. In total, the EU will invest € 5.3 billion in the program between 2021 and 2027. In addition to calls for proposals on COVID-19 and measures to better prepare for health crises, other health topics such as prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer or rare diseases also play an important role.

The program has 10 specific objectives, mapped to 4 general objectives:

1. Improving and promoting health in the Union

  • Disease prevention and health promotion
  • Health initiatives and cooperation at international level

2. Combating cross-border health threats

  • Prevention, preparedness and rapid response with regard to cross-border health threats
  • Supplementing national stockpiles with essential crisis-related products
  • Establishment of a reserve of medical, health and support personnel

3. Improvements in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and crisis-related products

  • Available and affordable medicines, medical devices and crisis-related products

4. Strengthening health systems, their resilience and resource efficiency

  • Strengthening health data, digital tools and services; digitizing health systems
  • Improving access to healthcare
  • Developing and enforcing EU health law and evidence-based decision making
  • Coordination between national health systems

For more information, visit the EU4Health program website.

The work program can be found here.

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