Instruments for disseminating and exploiting project results

Instruments for disseminating and exploiting project results

The EU Commission provides the following instruments for the publication, dissemination and exploitation of research results from EU projects for free use:

1. Horizon Results Platform:

Results can be made available to various target groups via this platform.

2. Open Research Europe

Scientific contributions and articles for peer-reviewed Open Access publication can be submitted via this platform. The procedure can be found here.

3. Horizon Results Booster:

This is a free service that the Commission uses to support dissemination and exploitation strategies, the development of business plans and guidance for market launches.

The background to this is the binding obligations anchored in funding contracts for all funding recipients,

  • to disseminate and exploit the results from funded projects during the project term and for up to 4 years thereafter, and
  • to publish all scientific publications and associated research data open access.

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