Single Market Programme und InvestEU

When the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 comes into force, the Single Market Programme (SMP) and InvestEU will each have a total budget of 4.2 billion euros and 372 billion euros, respectively.

The SMP intendeds to ensure the functioning of the single market and its potential, contribute to an improved competition policy and support the competitiveness of companies and SMEs. (The SMP replaces, among other things, the Programme for the Competitivness of Enterprises and SMEs: COSME, 2021-2020.)

The objectives of the SMP include (Factsheet single market):

  • Food safety,
  • Consumer protection and
  • the development of effective European standards.

The InvestEU program aims to promote sustainable investment, innovation and job creation in Europe. The InvestEU program supports the following four policy areas:

The InvestEU program supports the following four main policy areas:

  • Sustainable infrastructure,
  • Research, innovation and digitization,
  • SMEs and
  • Social investments and skills.



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