The Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal

The  Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal (replacing the Participant Portal as of 2019) is the European Commission's internet portal linking all research-related online services of the Commission. The public area of the portal provides general information such as calls for tender and related legal documents. In addition, the portal is used for the complete handling of projects from FP7 and Horizon 2020. From the application to the project conclusion, all project-related processes are carried out via this portal. For this purpose, registered members have access to a user-specific area in which project and/or organisational data can be viewed and, if necessary, edited if they have the appropriate authorisation.

Access and change rights are defined by assigning so-called "roles", which can be individually assigned on the organizational and/or project level, so that one person can take over different functions in different projects. Each user can have as many roles as necessary!

We would be happy to inform you about the functions of the individual roles as well as the registration and appointment process!

You can access the participant portal here.

You can request access to the portal here.

The online manual for using the participant portal can be found here (Horizon 2020) and here (Horizon Europe). 

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