The research cycle of gender-sensitive research

This presentation provides information on how you - depending on the phase your project is in (idea generation, application, research phase or dissemination phase of the results) - work in a gender-sensitive way:


Source: "Toolkit Gender in EU-Funded Research" of the European Commission, Directorate General for Research and Innovation together with Yellow Window Management Consultants, Chapter 2.1 "How to Make Research Gender-Sensitive", 2011.

Tips for the research cycle of your project:

Selection and recruitment of project team members

  • open and independent selection, e.g. through a mixed selection panel at the job interview, sensitisation of the panel members regarding gender bias, also consider atypical CVs;
  • use explicit, accurate and transparent selection criteria.

Working conditions and culture

  • develop a work culture that creates fair working conditions (opportunities for training, access to funding);
  • develop awareness of different individual circumstances and opportunities (in terms of mobility, individual career structures, etc.).

Monitoring und Management

  • in order to avoid gender bias, participation opportunities should be equal: use monitoring systems, feedback mechanisms and experienced gender equality officers in the project

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