Open Science

Open access (OA) to scientific information and knowledge can accelerate research and innovation processes. At the same time, efficiency in research and development can be increased (fewer duplications) and all members of society can participate in developments. In order to exploit this potential, the European Union is pursuing an open access and open science approach in its funding concepts.

Open Science means, among other things, providing free online access to scientific information - publications and research data.

Publication Project Results engl.

Source: Open Access to Publications and Data in Horizon 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)", S. 3

  • Golden way
  • Green way
  • hybrid model

The EC has launched of a platform for open-access, peer-reviewed, and no-cost publications from HORIZON 2020 and HORIZON EUROPE projects named Open Research Europe

Publications comprise among others scientific articles, data papers and research data.

With Share_It, the university libraries of the state of Saxony-Anhalt provide a central OA repository free of charge.

The following can be published here, for example:

  • Journal article (secondary publication "green way"),
  • Dissertations and habilitations,
  • further research publications as well
  • Research primary data.


Source: Brenn, D.; Pollmächer, D.; Cozatl, R.: Wo gehören Forschungsdatenhin? Universitäts-und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt (2018-10-11)

The Eu Commission as well as the National Contact Points provide numerous and detailed information materials on issues related to Open Science, Open Access and Data Management.

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