Conclusion of Contract

The preparation as well as the conclusion of the Grant Agreement is done online in the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal. The legally binding signature is provided by the project-specific PLSIGN (the LSIGN assigned to the project and authorized to sign for the respective institution) in the portal. Before the Grant Agreement can be signed, the PLSIGNs of the individual consortium partners must also sign the "Declaration of Honour" (DoH) electronically in the Participant Portal. After the coordinator's PLSIGN and the European Commission have signed the Grant Agreement electronically, the individual partners join the contract. The PLSIGNs of the partner institutions and the PLSIGN of the coordinating institution sign form A (Annex III) in the Participant Portal. This form is sent online to the European Commission.

The following steps are to be observed within the university:

First, a PLSIGN must be assigned to the project by the project leader. This selection is made by the coordinator or the Participant Contact (CoCo/PaCo) (e.g. staff member in the EU office) in the Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal.

The examination of the legal obligations for the university resulting from the DoH and the entry into the Grant Agreement as well as the Consortium Agreement will be examined in cooperation with the Legal Office and the Department of Finance, if necessary with the assistance of the patent assessors and the International Office or the research assistants. Please allow adequate time for the work of the participants. It is recommended that the EU advisor or the International Office be consulted as early as the application planning stage. They are authorized to support you in administrative matters.

After the legal review, PLSIGN will be commissioned to sign the documents.


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