Cluster 1: Health

The Cluster 1 "Health" broadly covers the health field - from biomedical research to public health interventions and from health systems research to technology development including digitalization.

It will cover the following six thematic areas:

  • staying healthy in a rapidly changing society;
  • living and working in a health-promoting environment;
  • tackling diseases and reducing disease burden;
  • ensuring access to innovative and high-quality health care;
  • unlocking the full potential of new tools, technologies and digital solutions;
  • maintaining an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive health industry.


Work Programme

Topics Cluster 1

Work Programme Cluster 1



Horion Europe - Calls in Field Health 2021-2022 (National Contact Point, NCP Health)

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Mission area: Cancer

BMBF-Start-up funding for Horizon Europe (multiple annually cut-off dates until 2023)



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