Consortium Agreement

For multi-partner projects under Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe, the conclusion of a Consortium Agreement is generally mandatory. This agreement regulates the rights and obligations of the project partners among themselves. The content is not controlled by the EU Commission. It is not a contracting party. The provisions of the Grant Agreement remain unaffected by the provisions of the Consortium Agreement.

The Consortium Agreement may regulate the following aspects:

  • liability regulations
  • intellectual property rules (including the background that each partner brings to the project; granting of access and/or use rights; transfer of rights)
  • payment regulations
  • obligations to participate in project meetings
  • dealing with defaulting partners - appointment of scientific/technical/administrative responsible persons
  • tasks and duties of a steering committee and/or advisory board
  • decision-making processes including coordination modalities, forms of communication
  • confidentiality rules

The European Commission has published a guide for the preparation of a consortium agreement: Guidance: How to Draw up Your Consortium Agreement

The DESCA Core Group has developed a Model Consortium Agreement for projects under Horizon 2020 which is currently updated for Horizon Europe.

Please contact the EU office responsible for you before concluding a consortium agreement. The local staff will support you in preparing the contract.

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