Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe

In the Grant Agreement (GA), the implementation of the research project is contractually regulated. The European Commission has introduced a model grant agreement that is used for many European funding programs. This so-called Corporate Model Grant Agreement aims to further harmonize and largely standardize EU programs. Rules are to be interpreted coherently and synergies between programs are to be made possible. The Corporate Model Grant Agreement is based on the Horizon 2020 Model Grant Agreement and is divided into several parts.

In addition to a core agreement (Core Part), there are also various annexes, of which Annex 5 contains the specific rules of the respective funding program (e.g. Horizon Europe).

The core contract consists of the data sheet and the articles.

The data sheet contains the most important basic data about the project:

  •    General information (project duration)
  •    Composition of the consortium
  •    Amount of funding (maximum amount of the grant as well as cost types and amounts)
  •    Timetable for reports and payments, deadlines, e.g. audits, etc. (information on need for a CFS (cost audit at the end of the project) and applicable threshold value
  •    Jurisdiction, retention periods, and spec. rules (confidentiality; audits, etc.)
  •    Other specifics

 The articles of the core contract are divided into 6 chapters:

  •    Chapter 1 - General (subject matter of the contract and definitions).
  •    Chapter 2 - Action
  •    Chapter 3 - Grant (forms of grant, maximum amount, funding rate, reimbursement)
  •    Chapter 4 - Project implementation (project implementation and management: parties (grantees, third parties), conflict of interest, confidentiality rules, ethics, data protection, IPR, reporting, payments and recoveries, certificates, audits)
  •    Chapter 5 - Consequences for non-compliance (rejection of costs, reduction of grant, suspension of project or payments, termination of participation, damages, force majeure)
  •    Chapter 6 - Final Provisions (communication, contract amendments, accession of new grantees, dispute resolution, applicable law, etc.).

 The core contract is supplemented by 5 annexes:

  •   Annex 1 (Description of the action)
  •   Annex 2 (Estimated budget for the action)
  •   Annex 3 (Accession forms, if applicable)
  •   Annex 4 (Model for the financial statements)
  •   Annex 5 (Specific rules, if applicable e.g. for Horizon Europe)

Annex 5 regulates the specific rules for Hoizont Europe:

  •    Security
  •    Ethics
  •    Values
  •    IPR = Intellectual Property Rights
  •    Communication, dissemination, open science, etc.
  •    Specific regulations on:
    •      Recruitment, working conditions
    •      Access to research infrastructures
    •      PCP / PPI procurement
    •      Co-funded partnerships
    •      Specifics of ERC, EIT, MSCA, EIC

The Model Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe can be found here.

The Annotated Model Grant Agreement for Horizon Europe with detailed references and examples to all articles and annexes will be published here soon.


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